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What we offer

We strongly believe that music should be available to anyone and everyone so we cater for any level of player, every manufacture of instrument and all budgets, rest assured the same time and care will be taken on everything we do, no matter how big or small.  Please scroll down to view some of the options or call to discuss your needs and queries.

Minor Adjustments and on the spot repairs

- Had a little accident and the instrument has received a knock? - Instrument not just play as it normally does?

  - Have a new instrument that you feel would benefit from a set up?

  Got an exam or concert coming up and need something done urgently, we are happy to accommodate on the spot repairs for small jobs where we have the time to do it and are also happy for you to leave something with us even if it a very small job.

Good playing order / Check over

 Sometime instruments, especially those played a lot, need a bit of TLC in between a full service which is recommended every 12 - 18 months or you can't quite stretch to a full service at the moment.  We can give the instrument a check over for any obvious issues cure any leaks, re-seat pads where needed, check for any obvious loose or missing corks, adjust key work and balance the actions to put to good playing order and play test.  Please note where possible work to the instrument will be carried out without dismantling.

Full Service - Woodwind

Complete dismantle, clean body inside and out, remove any tarnish and polish silver plating,  check corks and springs replacing or re-securing where needed, ease any binding rods or keys, remove any minor accessible dents, reassemble whilst cleaning and lubricating all rods and pivots, remove and lubricate key rollers, cure leaks, level and re-seat pads where needed, re-align and adjust keys, balance actions and play test.

Additional work to flutes; check and align head cork.  Remove internal key rods and lubricate.

Re-pad / Overhaul

Wanting to give a new lease of life to an old faithful or a bargain second hand instrument then this can be achieved with a re-pad and overhaul.  Works included are the same as full service with the addition of all the pads and glue being removed along with the corks and felts and replaced with new.  The type of pad would depend on the level of the instrument and the budget.   All dents will also be removed and scratches polished out where possible. 

Dent removal

Any minor and accessible dents are routinely removed during a service or overhaul but dent removal is also offered as a stand a lone service or can be bolted on to other jobs.  Please call to discuss your requirements.


Very often part of a service and overhaul but sometimes all that is needed is a new crook or joint cork.  Saxophones, clarinets, oboes, bassoons, recorders and many more.

What our customers are saying

I may have to travel a little but I wouldn't take my instruments anywhere else!


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